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This website is run and designed by our hoomin which is only here to serve our duties, we rule her whole life.

The chaos duo

Amour and Louie

Let us introduce ourselves, we are the iconic chaos duo, Amour and Louie. We love to do mischiefs and are crazy about treats. We are a lot of work for our hoomin but we pay her with cute pictures (and poops) but in fact we are only here for the food she gives us.


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Check out our blog where you can learn lots about bunnies, our daily life and much more! The newest posts are listed right here and view all our posts by clicking on the blog button.


Our shop

We have a shop where we sell clothing and accessories with cute designs! Most importantly is that all the earned money will be donated to shelters and bunny organizations.


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Donations go to bunny rescues, animal welfares and shelters. Donate by money or buying from our shop to help. (get more information by clicking on the button)

Vegan 🌱 and Cruelty Free 🐰

@bobo.ellie.buns (instagram)

«Amour the bun’s page is very adorable and there’s lots of useful bunny tips on their website. Highly recommend checking it out.»

Saman Al.

«The page is very beautiful and structured. If you search something, you will find it. There is a lot of information, which is very interesting and helpful, especially if you want to get bunnies. The bun mom herself is communicative and open for any questions. For any kind of merchandise it’s possible to visit their web store (Amoury), which is beautiful too.»

@lumi_the_bunny (instagram)

«Amour and Louie’s mom is creating inspirational content that will help you improve your bunny’s life quality. Whether you’re thinking about adopting a bunny or you already have one at home. I suggest you have a look at their pages!»