Amours hay eating story

Amour with his current hay and his pellets from Versele Laga

Maybe some of you know from my Instagram that I struggled a lot with getting Amour to eat his hay at first and this blogpost is kind of our story how it all went down. I will show you the types of hay I tried with him and how he reacted to it. First I have to tell you that you usually don’t find timothy hay in Switzerland. We only have normal grass based hay or meadow hay here in Switzerland. So here is a list and more details about the hays and our story.

I really like the brand Bunny nature and their products so I first tried their hay with my bunnies:

Fresh grass hay from bunny nature

His brother Loupi ate this hay really well only Amour struggled really hard he barely ate the hay. I had a hayrack and a hay ball with a bell in their litterbox at that time. Soon I realized that they both ate the hay better when I just put it on the floor of the litterbox. They tore it out of the hayrack anyways. Once I bought a tunnel filled with hay as a fun toy and they both kinda liked the hay better that was in the tunnel. I found out that it was meadow hay. Sadly they didn’t have the exact hay from the tunnel in a bag to buy so I tried other meadow hays:

The play tunnel filled with hay I bought for them. They also really loved chewing the tunnel.
JR Farm mountain meadow hay
Hansepet meadow hay

Amour didn’t like both. The only thing he ate was the herbs I started mixing into the hay wich were those kind here:

Garden herbs

After that I started experimenting with hay that already had stuff mixed in them (I sadly dont really remeber what kind of hay it was) I found hay mixed with apples and Amour actually kinda liked that hay and he ate it for around 3 months or more. I was so happy that I actually found a hay that he kinda liked. It was this kind here: (They also have it in the flavors carrot and dandelion but Amour really loved dried apples at that time so I went with the flavor apple)

Greenwoods meadow hay with apples

But sadly Amour still wasn’t eating enough hay in his diet. So I tried giving him more and more herbs since he didn’t eat that much hay. But as he stopped eating fresh food once I said to myself that I really have to find a hay that he really likes because I am just to worried that his diet isn’t healthy enough for him and he might get sick. Luckily the shop I buy my pellets from ( got some timothy hay mixed with parsnip and bell pepper and Amour loves parsnip so I decided to tried it out. I was so happy that Amour really likes that hay. Sometimes I mix it with some field herbs or dried carrot herb and he goes so crazy about the carrot herbs and then he likes the hay even more than fresh food. I am so happy about it that he really likes it now and that I can offer him a healthy diet. (If anyone is wondering one bag of his hay, 500 gram, costs me 5.50 CHF)

The current hay we are using, Versele Laga Nature, Timothy Hay with dried bell pepper and parsnip
Field herbs I mix with his hay
Carrot herb I mix into his hay (He is crazy over this)


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