How I litter trained Amour

This is a highly requested theme of you guys so I decided to make a blogpost how I litter trained Amour. I will also list my top tips for litter training down below.

Amour in his litter box

I started off with having Amour in an x-pen it was around 1.50 by 2.0 meters big. In this pen I had a big cat litter box and a cage litter pan, size: 50 wide and 150 centimeters long (its this plastic thing from the cage, I don’t know what you call this, but just like the floor, shell thing of the cage without the cage on top). I also put his food and water bowls inside his litter boxes and only fed him inside of his litter boxes. He also got treats only when he sat in his litter boxes. For litter I use wood based pellets and I also put plenty of hay inside the litter boxes. During the litter training process I got Amour neutered. He was around 4 or 5 months old. Amour learned quick and only had about 2-4 pee accidents outside the litter boxes. When he had an accident, I cleaned it up with a paper towel and placed the paper towel inside of his litter box. Then I would clean the area with a scented pet save wet towel. And when I would see him pee in the wrong spot I would pick him up or lead him into the litter box. Also when he pooped outside of the litter box I picked the poop right up and placed it inside of the litter box and I just made sure the area is really really clean. What I also did in the beginning is, when I cleaned his litter box I never cleaned it completely. I left a bit of his poops and a little bit of soaked pellets in there so he knew the smell of the litter box. As he got better with his litter habits I started feeding him outside of the litter boxes and it went really well. Soon I started to remove the huge cage pan and just had the big cat litter box in his x-pen and it worked really well. I also made sure not to place anything absorbent in his x-pen (like towels, pillows or a cuddly bed because they like to pee on it) until he was fully litter trained. As soon as he was well litter trained I started to freeroam him. The process of litter training Amour took me about 2-3 weeks but keep in mind some bunnies are quicker and some take longer than others.

My top tips for litter training your bunny:

  1. Get a big cat sized litter box
  2. Place the hay inside the litter box or above the litter box in a hayrack
  3. Give treats inside the litter box
  4. Dont move the litter box around to much. Stick to a corner or look for a corner where your bunny likes to poop and pee
  5. Some bunnies prefer litter boxes with roofs so they can hide
  6. Make sure the area is super clean and put all the poops in the litter box all the time and clean up the pee right away and put the dirty paper towel inside the litter box
  7. In the beginning, when you clean the litter box, leave some dirty litter inside the litter box so it keeps their smell
  8. Get your bunny spayed or neutered
  9. Be patient with your bunny
Our litterbox post on Instagram

If you are interested in how I clean the litterbox and our room you can go on our Instagram profile (@amour.the.bun) and check out our story highlight called “cleaning” with the broom icon. There I sometimes vlog about our cleaning process.


  1. […] Litter box: To keep your Home clean its so important that your bunny is properly litter trained. To achieve that your bunny need a proper litter box wich means it need to be first of all big enough. Also make sure you put enough litter and enough hay in it. Also do not forget to clean it often enough to prevent odor build up. Sometimes I make cleaning vlogs on our Instagram so check out our stories. I have saved ones on our profile in our highlights called “cleaning” with the broom icon where you can check out our cleaning routine. I also made a blog post about how I litter trained Amour and tipps on litter training. I will link the blogpost here: […]


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