Welcome Louie!

On the 4th of July I adopted Louie. First it was the plan that Amour would stay one to four weeks at my breeders house to bond with him but Amour was so scared at her house so that we just stayed there for a few hours and we tried a few bunnies out. And then we found Louie. His original name was “Ragetli” wich basically means “little rocket” but we changed it to Louie. They matched the best so we decided to take him home and try it out.

First picture

At home my room still was set up with Amours stuff because I thought I woud have at least one week to neutralise it all. So I quickly set up an x-pen in our living room and cleaned my room and removed all of Amours stuff.

Because Louie is just freshly neutered he is still full with male hormones and is humping Amour a lot so they were chasing each other a lot at first but now they barely do it. Amour now started to groom Louie and they lay side by side and eat together. Also Louie started to spray with pee wich is totally normal due to his male hormones. It will calm down once his male hormones are all gone (within a few weeks). Currently I am litter training Louie with a big cage and a big litter box, like I did with Amour.

Louie is a purebred fuzzylop just like Amour but he has the typical long fuzzy fur. It will grow longer and fuzzier as he will get older. I need to brush him everyday or his fur will get tangeled. Luckily he likes brushing and you can handle him really well.

Louie is really cuddly but also sensitive. He is also really crazy about food and loves to explore stuff. He also loves to chin everything and stand on his hind legs. I hope we will have a long happy journey together. Welcome little Louie!

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