Cruelty free

This is a really important topic so I thought to make a small blogpost about it that I already planned to do months ago and share my thoughts about it.

I know that animal testing is a huge thing in the make up and beauty industry. Luckily I kind of hate using makeup so I rarely use it. So I really don’t own that much make up. But I decided to research some cruelty free solutions and I was surprised that I already had some in stock. I had a highlighter and a camouflage stick from catrice cosmetics. A primer from NYX and some other stuff from essence and all these brands do not test on animals. Sadly I also owned a few items from covergirl and they do test on animals wich is really bad so I threw the stuff right out because I don’t use it anyways. For me personally catrice cosmetics is the perfect brand, its high quality and its cruelty free so I only buy from them now when I need to have some kind of make up.

A lot of these brands following in these templates are not common in switzerland so they may also not be in your country but if you do some research you can find great informations.

If you are interested in what brands are cruelty free this page has great infomatons:


100 of bunnies in tiny boxes
Kept in tiny boxes
Suffering from injuries
So lets shop cruelty free together and make a change in this industry

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  1. […] so many people. Also my life has even changed more since I have changed my view of things. View our first cruelty free blogpost here. In this blogpost I will mainly tell you about my change from non-cruelty free stuff to cruelty […]


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