Cruelty free #2

I wanted to give an update since the first post inspired so many people. Also my life has even changed more since I have changed my view of things. View our first cruelty free blogpost here. In this blogpost I will mainly tell you about my change from non-cruelty free stuff to cruelty free stuff.

Advertising: All the linked products are self bought. I don’t get paid by any company to show and promote their product.

I have done a lot more of research since the first post and it has shown me that a lot of huge companies and well known brands all test on animals. It shocked me really badly. Not only in makeup its common but also in shampoos, shower gels, skincare, toothpastes, feminine hygiene products and much much more animals testing is frequently used. But those are the categories that are really simple to make a change for yourself and to avoid. I will show you how I personally did it:

Skincare: Since I have a long story with acne I have used very specific products to help with my acne and now with my scars. Gladly I found a brand called WOW YOU wich is cruelty free and based on natural ingredients. They have a product series that helps with acne prone skin and scars wich I personally use. They also offer face mask, face scrubs and lip care.

For inside the shower: I also only used common brands that you find in drugstores and are pretty cheap. I only bought shower gels and scrubs according to their smell. Now I completely switched to The Body Shop because they are cruelty free. Its true that their product are on the pricier side but the quality is worth it. Plus they have amazing scents to offer. They also have great other essentials like bamboo brushes and other small bathroom supplies that are better to use that plastic supplies. They offer a variety of skincare, stuff for the shower, for your hair, deodorant, perfume, lip care and even make-up.

Shampoo: I have only used a specific well known brand that sadly tests on animals. Because I didn’t know any other shampoo brands that suit my hair/scalp problem, it was a hard challenge to find a cruelty free one. But I found this amazing company called Function of Beauty. You can completely customize your shampoo and conditioner to fit your hair type and your hair and scalp needs! On top of that you can chose your favorite scent and color. The company uses all natural products and ships worldwide. Their bottles are PET recyclable. And the best of all they are 100% cruelty free.

Toothpaste: I used normal toothpaste that you would find in the everyday mall. Because I wanted to try out something that whitens the teeth a bit I found the Super Black toothpaste by happybrush wich is 100% cruelty free. The version I use currently has charcoal in it and is black. But they offer a variety of different ones too. You can even order from their website.

Feminine hygiene: I wanted to ditch tampons for a long time because they are not good for you body because of all the chemicals they use in the process. On top of that popular brands also test on animals, same goes with pads and panty liners. I switched to menstrual cups and panty liners made out of fabric. I use panty liners from the brand Kulmine, they also offer a variety of pads. As menstrual cup I use the Yuuki Cup Classic 1. With the cup and the pads out of fabric you reduce your trash to basically zero. !!! BUT ATTENTION not every cup fits every body!!! You should really contact someone who knows about the fit of cups to find your cup or else you can get really uncomfortable and it wont fit. There are a lot of models, sizes, lengths and strengths of cups and you need to find the one that fits your body. I got my advice for my cup from this website here: Ladyways (website in german)

Other stuff that I changed: I have been using glass water bottles for a few months now and I must say its a lot better for the environment and I also save a lot of money. I also got two jute bags wich I now use everyday to carry my things around. With one bag I speak out my mind it has the slogan «say no to animal testing» on it. I also got a cork manicure case for small every day supplies that I keep in my bag. Like I said I also got bamboo brushes, a big one for at home and also a super handy small one for keeping inside my bag. I will also get a climate friendly phone case once the one I use is ready for the trash.

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