(written in the perspective of Amour)

This is our hoomin also called bunmom but mostly she is our servant! She is here to serve us and to make our dreams and wishes come true. We are a lot of work but our servant can do anything and is amazing!


Born 04/01/2000 (Capricorn)

Our hoomin works as a graphic media designer and is super interested in zodiac signs. Thats why she always blames our behavior and personalities on our zodiac signs.

Besides us she is also in love with equitation. She is a passionate equestrian and rides multiple times per week. She is also still in the process of learning how to play the ukulele.

Vanessa cares a lot about animals and the nature in general, so she is all about climate friendly, cruelty free and vegan stuff!

Vegan 🌱 and Cruelty Free 🐰