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Our hoomin designs, writes and manages our whole Social Media by herself. She tries to reply to all of your questions and messages all the time. Keeping up a website with a blog is a lot of work and having an own website/webadress also has its costs. She invests a ton of her free-time, besides her full-day job, into creating content, designing, managing, preparing and interacting with you all. We would really appreciate it if you could donate a small amount to support her creativity, patience, and knowledge which she shares with you all! The money will of course go towards the care of Amour and Louie, and also keeping up this website since I have to pay a monthly fee.

1.00 CHF

You can also help and support us a lot by sharing our content! Tell your bunny friends about us. If you share our content (blog posts, pictures, videos etc.) Please tag us or mention our website name/adress or Instagram/Facebook and give credit. We are super thankful for all the loyal people!

More informations about our hoomin you can find on the menu “Bunmom” or simply CLICK HERE.